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Nintendo 3DS Repair - Case Repair / Replacement

Please find detailed information about this particular repair.

example of a Nintendo 3DS thats broken at the hinge

Description of the Fault: Broken Hinge

The case can often be broken at the hinge as it's the weakest part of the nintendo 3DS and can be broken when dropped or sat upon.

Description of the Repair: Case Repair / Replacement

The 3DS console will have its case repaired or replaced depending on the severity of damage. This repair includes all of our standard repair benefits, pre repair diagnosis, after repair quality testing, cleaning e.t.c.


Repair Time 1-3 Days

Repair Cost: £39.99

Warranty Duration 6 Months


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      Our Professional 3DS Repair Service includes these benefits:
  Rapid repair times Pre repair diagnosis test
  6 month warranty After repair quality control test
  Original Nintendo parts After sales service & support
  Cleaned & Polished Safe & secure return packaging