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How To Get Your Console Repaired

Need to get your console fixed but not sure where to start?

If you live locally you're welcome to visit us, if you live outside of Essex (South East) we recommend sending your console to us.

Select the console in need of repair

Step 1

Select the console that needs repairing from "Console Repairs" box in the top left corner of the webpage.

select the fault with your console

Step 2

Select the fault with your console. If you're not sure what the fault is or have more than one problem, select free inspection & repair quotation.

Click arrange this repair

Step 3

After reading through the details of the repair click the "Arrange This Repair" button.

Complete the console repair form

Step 4

Print out and complete the details on the packing form. If you don't have a printer just write your contact details and the fault with the console on paper.

package your broken console

Step 5

Package your console in a strong box with plenty of padding. No cables, controllers or leads are needed. Please don't forget to include your contact details with the console.

Send your console to us using an insured courier service

Step 6

Ensure our address is on the box and its also a good idea to have your senders address on the box. Then send the box to Consolewerks using Royal mail, DHL or other insured courier service.

We recommend using Royal Mail or Parcels Please to collect and send your console, they offer a great service at low cost.