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Console Repair Parts & Spares

Consolewerks has been providing console repair parts & spares since 2004, we consider ourselves to be the best when it comes to helping you fix your own console. Console parts are provided with repair installation guides & technical support if needed.

It was our mission to supply more console parts than anybody else, we achieved this goal but forgot to stop. We now supply over 300 repair parts for game consoles.

Please select your console below to see the list of repair parts available for it.

      Our Online Parts & Spares Store Provides These Benefits:
  Same working day dispatch Secure online ordering
  30 Day warranty Guaranteed next day option
  Original manufacturer parts After sales service & support
  Installation Guides Worldwide Shipping

PSP Console in need of repair PSP Parts - PSP1000 Series
From £1.99
The psp has been entertaining for 3 years now, its quite easy to repair most problems with this console. See our online store for a huge range of console parts.  
PSP Slim console in need of repairs PSP Slim & Lite Parts - PSP2000 Series
From £4.99
The psp slim & lite is the 2nd generation of the psp, They like to keep us busy by changing the psp on a regular basis. Not to worry though as we stock parts for all psp versions.  
PSP 3000 which needs repair PSP Slim & Lite Parts - PSP3000 Series
From £4.99
The 3rd generation psp, it's almost identical to the 2000 model before it. Some parts are compatible with 2000 model, we provide all the psp 3000 parts.  
PSP Go needing a repair PSP Go Parts
From £9.99
The PSP Go has only just been released, but we already stock a full range of parts for this console. Your warranty is for one year, but not if you drop it.  
PSP Go needing a repair PSP Vita Parts
From £29.99
The PSP Vita is Sony's latest generation handheld games console. The Vita has lots of advanced features but like all handhelds accidental damage is common.  
PS2 slimline console PlayStation 2 Parts
From £0.99
This was actually the first console we offered a repair service for back in 2004, at around the same time we also starting selling PS2 repair parts and still do today.

This PS3 Console needs to be repaired PlayStation 3 Parts
From £4.99
The playstation 3 like the older ps2 consoles has an integrated design, where most parts can be repair independently of each other. Great for diy repairers.  
This PS3 Slimline Console needs to be repaired PlayStation 3 Slim Parts
From £29.99
This updated slim version of the playstation 3 has now replaced its chunky brother. But updated doesn't always mean more reliable and failures are still common.  
This PS3 Super Slim Console needs to be repaired PlayStation 3 Super Slim Parts
From £29.99
This updated slimmer version of the playstation 3 has now replaced the slim PS3. However this updated version is prone to its own faults and breakdowns.  
Faulty NDS console Nintendo DS / DS Lite Parts
From £2.99
The DS lite is the most common console to be dropped, smashed, broken by accidental damage and these faults are not covered by warranty but lucky for you we provide all the nds repair parts you could need.  
Broken Nintendo DSi console, repairs are needed for it to work Nintendo DSi Parts
From £4.99
The DSi is more complicated than the DS, and has more parts but it's just as likely to be dropped. We provide all the parts you need to fix it when broken.  
Broken Nintendo DSi XL console, repairs are needed for it to work Nintendo DSi XL Parts
From £29.99
The DSi XL was designed as a premium version of the DSi, it has all the same features but includes two larger screens for easier viewing.  
Example of a broken Nintendo 3DS console Nintendo 3DS Parts
From £9.99
The 3DS is the latest handheld console provided by Nintendo and its an incredible showcase of technology. However it is common for them to get broken by accident.  
The kids have borken this wii console, the unit requires a service Nintendo Wii Parts
From £4.99
The wii is one of the most reliable consoles we have ever seen, but its common that kids will stuff the drive with items and this causes various damage. We supply a complete range of parts for the wii

Another xbox 360 has failed, this faulty one needs to be fixed Xbox 360 Parts
From £4.99
The xbox 360 was the first out of the door in the next generation console race and they did build a great console, but quality is a serious issue for it. We provide lasers, fans, drives in fact everything you need to fix it.  
This fauly xbox 360 slim has failed, this one needs to be repaired Xbox 360 Slim Parts
From £4.99
The new xbox 360 is unofficially being called the slim version due to its smaller design, it runs quieter and cooler than the old model but still has occasional faults.