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iPad Air / Air 2 Repair

Please select the fault with your iPad, then click Arrange Repairto start the repair process or click More infofor detailed information about a particular repair.

If you're unsure of what you need or what the problem is, choose the free inspection option.

      Our Professional iPad Repair Service includes these benefits:
  Rapid repair times Pre repair diagnosis test
  6 month warranty After repair quality control test
  Original Apple parts After sales service & support
  Cleaned & Polished Safe & secure return packaging

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iPad Repair Free Inpsection Free iPad Air / Air 2 Inspection & Repair Quotation
Cost will be Confirmed
Not sure of the fault? or have more than one problem? Our free inspection service is what you need. After a free inspection of your iPad we'll call you with the exact cost of repair.  
Example of faulty ipad touch screen iPad Air / Air 2 Broken Touch Screen Repair
Cost will be Confirmed
If you're having difficulty moving items on the screen or your touch screen has been broken.