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Nintendo Wii Repair -
All models & imports welcome.

Please select the fault with your Wii console, then click Arrange Repairto start the repair process or click More infofor detailed information about a particular repair.

If you're unsure of what you need or what the problem is, choose the free inspection option.

      Our Professional Wii Repair Service includes these benefits:
  Rapid repair times Pre repair diagnosis test
  6 month warranty After repair quality control test
  Original Nintendo parts After sales service & support
  Cleaned & Polished Safe & secure return packaging

Nintendo Wii Free Inspection service Free Wii Inspection & Repair Quotation
Cost will be Confirmed
Not sure of the fault?, or have more than one problem? then the free inspection is what you need. After inspection we will call you with an exact cost of repair.  
Example of a Nintendo Wii that will not turn on Wii Not Turning On
The console will not turn on, no power, no lights, no display, no sound. Often this is due to being dropped and console may rattle inside.  
Example of a Nintendo Wii that has no display or sound Wii Has No Display Or Sound
The console powers up but has no sound or display, the t.v. will probably just show a black screen.  
Example of a Nintendo Wii not reading discs Wii Not Reading Game Discs
Your games or movies may be loading slowly, freezing during game play, stuttering or not playing at all.  
Example of a Nintendo Wii with a jammed disc drive Wii Not Accepting Or Ejecting Discs
Kids love to put all sorts of things into the wii's disc slot, we've found money, pokemon cards, & lolly sticks to name a few. But sometimes the drive can break without obvious reason.

Example of a Nintendo Wii not connecting to the internet Wii Not Connecting to the Internet
The wii works fine but it will not connect to the internet, but has connected in the past.