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PS3 Repair - PlayStation 3 Repair - Model No. PS3 CECHA03, CECHD03, CECHH03 CECHxx03, xx = Anything, All models & imports welcome.

Please select the fault with your PS3 console, then click Arrange Repairto start the repair process or click More infofor detailed information about a particular repair.

If you're unsure of what you need or what the problem is, choose the free inspection option.

      Our Professional PS3 Repair Service includes these benefits:
  Rapid repair times Pre repair diagnosis test
  6 month warranty After repair quality control test
  Original Sony parts After sales service & support
  Cleaned & Polished Safe & secure return packaging

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PlayStation 3 Free Inspection Service PS3 Upgrade Service
Upgrade From £69.99
Now that it's easier to download music and videos and transfer them to your PS3. Standard drives are just to small. Upgrade your drive to 160Gb, 250Gb, 320Gb, 500Gb and even a monster 640Gb.  

PlayStation 3 Free Inspection Service Free PS3 Inspection & Repair Quotation
Cost will be Confirmed
Not sure of the fault?, or have more than one problem? then the free inspection is what you need. After inspection we will call you with the exact cost of repair.  
Example of a PS3 that wil not read discs PS3 Not Reading Discs, Games, Movies
Your playstation 3 games or blu ray movies may be loading slowly, freezing during play, stuttering or not loading at all.
Example of a PS3 with a jammed dics drive PS3 Jammed Disc Drive
Often as a result of children putting too many discs into the drive at once, the drive will not accept or eject discs and may make a loud clicking sound.  
Example of a PS3 thats not starting up PS3 XMB Dashboard Does Not Start Up
The console will power on but when starting up the dashboard / start menu does not fully load, indicated by waving lines but no icons.  
Example of a PS3 that can't save games PS3 Cannot Load or Save Games
You are having difficulty loading or saving you games, sometimes you may see messages regarding corrupt data.

Example of a PS3 that will not turn on PS3 Not Turning On / No Power
The playstation 3 will not turn on, it has no signs of life.  
Example of a PS3 that can't connect to the internet PS3 Will Not Connect to Internet
The console will not connect to the internet, despite checking cables & configuration settings. Wireless & wired connections can be affected.  
Example of a PS3 with the yellow light of death PS3 Not Turning On - YLOD
When turning the console on from standby, the light changes to green then to yellow and back to red followed by 3 beeps. This fault is commonly called the yellow light of death, no display is sent to the t.v.  
Example of a PS3 with freezing graphics PS3 Freezing Graphics
The console will freeze randomly, the console may also freeze on the main dashboard. Often caused by a graphics chip defect but also disc reading problems.

Example of a PS3 that over heats and shuts down PS3 Shutting Down / Over Heating
The playstation 3 will shut down during use and the standby light will flash, often after about 20 minutes of the console being turned on.