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Xbox 360 Repair -
All models & imports welcome.

Please select the fault with your Xbox 360 console, then click Arrange Repairto start the repair process or click More infofor detailed information about a particular repair.

If you're unsure of what you need or what the problem is, choose the free inspection option.

      Our Professional Xbox Repair Service includes these benefits:
  Rapid repair times Pre repair diagnosis test
  6 month warranty After repair quality control test
  Original Microsoft parts After sales service & support
  Cleaned & Polished Safe & secure return packaging

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Xbox 360 Free Inspection Service Free Xbox 360 Inspection & Repair Quotation
Cost will be Confirmed
Not sure of the fault?, or have more than one problem? then the free inspection is what you need. After inspection we will call you with an exact cost of repair.  
Example of Xbox 360 not reading discs Xbox 360 Not Reading Discs
The console is not reading some or all of your games, please check that your games are clean and free of scratches before using this service.  
Example of Xbox 360 with a jammed disc drive Xbox 360 Jammed Disc Drive
The drive will not open or close properly, this is most common on toshiba / samsung drives.  
Example of Xbox 360 that will not turn on Xbox 360 Not Turning On
The console will not turn on at all, no power, no display no lights, nothing! Check to ensure that the problem is not the power cable or power supply before using this service.  
Example of Xbox 360 that not connecting to the controller Xbox 360 Not Syncing With Controller
The xbox 360 console will not sync up with your wireless controller, you have tried the controller with another console and know the controller works.

Example of Xbox 360 with one red light Xbox 360 Has One Red Light (E74)
The console has a one red light near the power button and displays an error message on the t.v. E74 contact the service centre.  
Example of Xbox 360 with two red lights Xbox 360 Has Two Red Lights
After playing the console for a short period of time the xbox 360 shuts down and shows two red lights near the power button.  
Example of Xbox 360 wtih three red lights Xbox 360 Has Three Red Lights
As soon as the xbox is turned on it displays three red lights near the power switch, sometimes the console will freeze and show 3 red lights when restarted.  
Example of Xbox 360 with four red lights Xbox 360 Has Four Red Lights
When turned on the console shows four red lights near the power button, this indicates a display fault. Check your t.v cables before selecting this repair.

Example of Xbox 360 that freezes Xbox 360 Is Freezing / Corrupt Display
The xbox will freeze randomly, on the dashboard and during games. Often the display will show a checkered, square boxes effect.